All About Atlanta

If the word “Atlanta” summons to mind Southern hospitality, iced tea on a warm sunny day, and the setting for Gone With the Wind, you’d be right—you can find all that here—but you’d also have a lot to learn. Today’s Atlanta is so much more than just a Southern belle. The city that began as a tiny railroad settlement has grown into the cultural, economic, and social capital of the South, replete with Fortune 500 companies, hip neighborhoods, and five-star dining.

Atlanta ’s metro population of 4.1 million people, hailing from more than 80 countries, is literally growing by the minute. In fact, this capital city draws more than 250,000 people a year with its high quality of life, soaring job market, and low cost of living. Of course, an average annual temperature of 64 ° F doesn’t hurt either.

Imagine a place that not only has the world’s busiest passenger airport, gleaming skyscrapers, and a thriving economy but also picturesque parks, friendly people, and tree-lined streets—most of which are named Peachtree Something-or-Other—and you are imagining the vibrant, dynamic city that is today’s Atlanta.

All of us at Palmer House Properties, LLC look forward to welcoming you and helping you make the most of our wonderful city. As a first step, we’ve created these pages to provide you with information on Atlanta’s major attractions, largest employers, educational and health facilities, history, and annual events.